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Family Care

Family Care

We bring together an array of healthcare services that fulfill the requirements of this little community you belong to. You and 4 family members are entitled to health and wellness care when you obtain this membership.

Enjoy the discounts and benefits that we offer by downloading our Doc990 app and obtaining your digital membership card today.

For all your medical needs

LKR 2,500 /year

* Terms & Conditions will Apply

- 5 people will be covered

- Eligible for discounts

- Unlimited medical advice

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You and 4 family members are entitled to the following benefits offered via this membership.
  • Speak to a Family Doctor via Phone (Video/Audio Consultation) : Unlimited
  • Speak to a Specialist Doctor via Phone : Pay per use
  • Access to Online Health Profile : Yes
  • Eligibility of Partner Discounts : Yes
  • Chat with a Doctor : Yes
  • Medicine Delivery to Doorstep : Pay per use
  • Detail Assessment of Lab Report via Phone : Pay per use
  • Mobile lab facility : Yes
  • Online lab reports : Yes
  • Proactive calls by a Doctor : Yes
  • Health tips : Yes