The Lose to Win Challenge

25 Jan 2019

The Lose to Win Challenge

Nirasha, a young executive who started working to a corporate few months ago noted that her clothes are getting tighter than before. In fact her family members and friends outside constantly commented that she seems to be putting on. Her embarrassment lead her to get a counselling with a doctor. At the end of the session doctor and Nirasha were both convinced it was her sedentary lifestyle (Or lack of exercise) and the food habits that have contributed to this condition. Today it is quite common that the employees have stretched working hour and have lack of time to work out. Peer pressure and lack of time may contribute to having unhealthy food habits as well. Nirasha is just one example of many who go through this common phenomenon these day. It is a main precursor for MyDoctor to have a corporate wellness arm in their portfolio.

The lose to win challenge initiated by MyDoctor in alliance with Dialog at their very own Dialog Digital service division was an initiative aimed not only to educate the staff members on benefits of healthy living but also to trigger in them the enthusiasm to start a healthy lifestyle. MyDoctor upon the invitation from the Digital services, organized the initial awareness session which encompassed introduction into obesity related health issues, the health benefits of losing weight, and some invaluable tips on weight loss. Amidst of all this the concept of the lose to win challenge was introduced, enrolling number of candidates to have a healthy competition amongst each other with the aim seeding positive mindset towards healthy life style. The participants for the challenge were empowered with the ability to monitor their weight and BMI via MyDoctor app.

In par with this educational session a basic health screening program was offered on a subsequent date with on the spot blood analysis such as CBS, blood pressure, height, weight and BMI calculation, for the participants of the challenge. Standardized benchmark set for the weight loss, which stated a targeted of 5% weight loss from the body weight measured at the initial screening. The final evaluation was scheduled 3 months after the launch date. All the contesters were given an initial assessment in order to record the starting weight, height and BMI accordingly. These challengers were also assessed by a recognized medical nutritionist, from MyDoctor’s panel of experts. They were also provided with customized diet plans and instruction charts on how to achieve their target weight loss within the given timeframe.

The MyDoctor APP in this phase app served as a guide and keep in track with their medical updates without any restrictions, while motivating them with constant personalized health tips. This follow up with the participants was continued meticulously for 3 months duration via digital media and at the end of 3 months as promised all of them were reassessed in order to identify their individual progress. On the day of final verdict, weight of the Challengers were calculated and their weight loss in percentage was calculated. The results were quite remarkable. Despite steep competition one winner was selected who managed to lose 3.7% of her original weight during the allotted time. She was rewarded in appreciation for the dedication of her time and energy to incorporate the advice and guidance given them.

Consultant for wellness at MyDoctor, Dr. Malinda De Silva says “These type of initiatives helps to make corporate wellness a fun filled activity. MyDoctor continues to serve the esteemed corporate clientele with similar gamification of the wellness concept. It enabled us to experience better engagement for the program. Whether you win the competition or not, you will be rewarded with benefits of better health at the end of such competition”.