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“MyDoctor” wins e-Commerce Brand recognition

25 Jan 2019

“MyDoctor” wins e-Commerce Brand recognition

MyDoctor, Sri Lanka’s premier holistic digital healthcare platform was proud to be recognized among the top 20 e- commerce platforms in Sri Lanka in 2019. The assessment was carried out by Brand Finance, a leading independent band valuation Company with its headquarters in the UK.

The overall Vision of MyDoctor’s is to create a connected Healthcare eco-system with the help of ever expanding digital technology to pursue collaboration across the Healthcare Eco system and connectivity among stakeholders within the industry. The state of the art technology and solutions used by the Company are committed to creating a paradigm shift in the landscape of Sri Lanka’s Healthcare where the patient is in control of his/her health and wellness.

The digitization of cultural based healthcare is an important prerequisite for the overall digitization of all stakeholders within the sector. This is an essential and key component for the overall success of a smooth collaboration across eco- system stakeholder. The wide array of services and products offered by the Company enable individuals to proactively look into their health and wellness and engage in a preventative method of care as opposed to a reactive method of care. The much recognized Corporate Slogan “For All your medical need is a facilitation of the amalgamation of all the services they provide as a whole to enable the end patient to enjoy the benefits of a connected healthcare eco system. Whereby a user has convenient access to Doctors, Pharmacies, laboratories and Hospitals at their fingertips.