Update – e-Swabhimani winner in Health & Wellness category

25 Jan 2019 – e-Swabhimani winner in Health & Wellness category

e-Swabhimani awards, the nation's premier digital , social impact awards 2018 was held recently at Galle Face Hotel, Colombo. This prestigious national event celebrating the outstanding digital impact solutions organized by Information & Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA), is an annual event since 2009. The awards nominees were considered under 9 different categories and were adjudged by a Grand jury comprising of eminent experts drawn from various fields of expertise. Surpassing all the nominees in the Health & Well-being category, emerged as the winner. is a digital platform created with a vision to amalgamate the eco-system centered on the patient, thus providing an end to end connectivity & digitization of key stakeholders in the Healthcare eco-system. The solution allows individuals to maintain their own health profile in the cloud and link up with various professionals & services such as medical professionals, laboratory services, pharmaceutical services & hospital & other Healthcare centers. The aim of platform is to empower the users & bring together the healthcare services which are currently functioning in silos thus providing a holistic and an integrated type of care. The founder of, Dr. Harsha Jayakody says that, " also aims to act as a knowledge hub for individuals who have just been diagnosed with pre-existing medical conditions & direct them to connect with the portal of information & guidance via mobile application as well as the website.

Sri Lanka as a country has not yet seen Digital solutions fully integrated into the healthcare services of the country & in fulfilling the everyday health & well-being needs of a person. According to ICTA Juror's Evaluation, "Allowing people to take control of the eco system around their health & well-being would be a key step in integrating different health & well-being related services & professionals involved in providing such services. The platform & App seem to have embarked on creating this integration using modern technologies & have reached considerable heights over a short period of time." The Jury further mentioned that the effort taken by as a pioneering step in the Sri Lankan context having potential to streamline the healthcare service delivery driven by the needs of a person rather than by the terms dictated by the system or context.