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7 reasons why you shouldn't use your smartphone at bed time.

Your smartphone device at bed time, can certainly be a nightmare to your health. Carrying a smartphone to bed at night has now become an addictive habit among young and old individuals alike. Many people browse through various sites, play video games and communicate via text messages late into the night, with the aid of a smartphone device. However there is indeed a dark side and many side effects to the use of such devices whilst lying in your bed at night. In general individuals are exposed to "blue light" during the day. Which is within the normal spectrum. However the same exposure via your smartphone at night can be detrimental to your health. Besides the emission of blue light, the overall use of smartphones in bed can cause many negative health effects. keeping your phone away at night can help alter your life and reduce unnecessary effects on your health. Here are 7 reasons why breaking this habit is essential:

1. Difficulty sleeping.

The light emitted by your smartphone, can effect the production of an important hormone named "melanin" in your body that regulates your sleeping cycle. Therefore by using a smartphone at night, you may experience a difficulty in sleeping and irregular sleeping patterns which cause a host of negative health effects such as weightgain, memory loss and ageing skin among others. Reading a book or listening to soft music can be a safer alternative.

2. Damages eyes.

The blue light emitted by smartphones can be damaging to eyes. It can overtime cause damage to the retina and cataracts in your eyes. As a result your vision may deteriorate immensely.

3. Can cause cancer.

Using smartphones at night increases the risk of development of breast and prostate cancers. The effects of the light on melatonin production is invariably the cause that increases this risk.

4. Mood buster.

Due to disturbed sleeping cycles, your moods can hit an all time low. Occassionally it can even cause depression among individuals as your melatonin production and transmission of signals between nerves may be vastly effected.

5. Weight gain.

Believe it or not using your smartphone at night can add more weight to your waistline. Due to irregualr sleeping cycles, alteration of the hormones related to hunger and disruption of your metabolism due to melatonin irregularities it can cause weight gain and obesity.

6. Impairs cognitive function.

It is not a surprise that many people who use smartphones in bed experince a memory loss and difficulty in focusing the following day. This is as a result of disrupted sleeping cycle, reduced metabolism and decreased blood flow tp certain parts of the brain.

7. Can cause injuries.

Holding a smartphone above your face when you are falling asleep can cause accidental injuries. Losing grip or accidentally dropping it can injure parts of your body, particularly in relation to an individuals face.

So what must one do to break away from this habit? Switch to safer alternatives such as reading books and have a disciplined bed time approach by switching off all electronic devices at least 2 hours ahead of your sleeping time. Most importantly understand the vast negative effects it has on your health and take initiative to change your own lifestyle. Break away from the habit, dont let your smartphone device be a nightmare at bed time.

Blue light emitted from the Smart phone screen is thought to damage your eyes and hinder your overall health.

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