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ඇස් කණ්ණාඩි ද සිවි කාච ද හොඳ?

අක්ෂි දුර්වලතාවලදී කණ්ණාඩි පැලඳීම වෙනුවට සිවි කාච පැලදීමට දැන් දැන් බොහෝ දෙනා පෙලබෙනවා. ඇත්තටම එය අක්ෂි අස් වලට කෙතරම් සුදුසුද ? අද සාකච්ඡාව ඒ ගැනයි.

Author: වෛද්‍ය රොෂාන්ත හේවා මද්දුම

Top 10 Tips to be and stay Slim

The extra inches around your waist are just the excess fat deposits under your skin. Let us give you top 10 tips around to loose those all important inches from your waist.

Author: team

Your Healthy Workstation!

Does your body feel sore after those long hours at office ? You may have not physically exerted much, but must have spent many hours at your desk working with your computer. SO WHY IS this lower backache, shoulder ache and the fatigue of the eyes? Lets sit pro...

Author: Tanya Wijesinghe

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are a common but painful injury that can happen in sports like running, foot ball, basket ball or volley ball or simply by stepping unexpectedly on to an uneven surface. The ankle joint is made up of three bones- the tibia, the fibula and the ta...

Author: Team

Hypothermia in New Borns

Hypothermia which is another word for lowering body temperature is specially seen in first few months after birth. It can lead to serious consequences unless detected early and intervened.Inside mother's womb, the temperature is kept at constant so that the ch...

Author: Dr. Vindika Sinhabahu


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