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MyDoctor has taken necessary measuers to build a conncected eco-healh system which will enable connectivity amongs all healthcare providers and partners. Through this system we intend to provide better coordinated care to paitents and help Doctors build a customer base island-wide.

1. Serve MyDoctor members as an on-call doctor via e-chat, provided on the time slot given by MyDoctor.

2. Serve MyDoctor members as an on-call doctor via tele conversation, provided on the time slot given by MyDoctor.

3. Enter patient conversation details on to the system under the patient’s profile by using MyDoctor App

4. Visit patients residence as and when needed to provide “doctor visit services” in the doctors visinity. This service could be provided on your availability.

5. Visit organizations in the your visinity to provide medical services on your’ s availability.

6. Visit MyDoctor wellness programmes as a medical adviser on your availability.

7. Visit MyDoctor seminars as a guest speaker on your availability. This speech would be on your preferred speciality.

8. Agree to be the focal point for MyDoctor in the relevant area, to connect other doctors and health care professionals to MyDoctor network.

9. Agree to install and run the GP booking system and medical record storing system which would be given free of charge in your own clinic, dispensary etc.

10. Act as a focal point for promoting MyDoctor services.