Doctor Registration Form
Step 1

We at team expect the following from you, and you could chose any of the following depending on your preference.

1 Serve memebers as an on-call doctor via e-chat, provided on the time slot given by
2 Serve memebers as an on-call doctor via tele conversation, provided on the time slot given by
3 Enter patient converation details on to the system under the patient’s profile by using App.
4 Visit patients residence as and when needed to provide “doctor visit services” in the doctors visinity. This service could be provided on your availability.
5 Visit organisations in the your visinity to provide medical services on your’s availability.
6 Visit wellness programmes as a medical advicer on your availability.
7 Visit seminars as a guest speaker on your availability. This speech would be on your preferred speciality.
8 Agree to be the focal point for in the relevant area, to connect other doctors and health care professionals to MyDoctor network.
9 Agree to install and run the GP booking system and medical record storing system which would be given free of charge in your own clinic, dispensory etc.
10 Act as a focal point for promoting services.