About Us

Our Journey

Established in 2012 we are Sri Lanka’s pioneering digital Health Solution Provider that combines visionary thinking with cutting-edge technology in-order to present an integrated suite of health and medical services to your doorstep.

We connect qualified doctors, reputed hospitals and quality pharmacies with the aim of transforming the science and delivery of integrated health-care and home-based solution delivery to the country.

MyDoctor.lk has taken the initiative to introduce revolutionary technology in-to introducing a paradigm shift in tele-medicine by radically changing how medicine is delivered to its patients in Sri Lanka and around the world.

Our selection of pharmacies and medical service providers are well sought professionals in each respective field and have years of experience behind them, allowing them to make decisions as well as guide you to the relavant source.

Our Mission

Our fervent mission is to provide correct guidance to all patients who are unaware of their own medical/surgical requirements. We assure you that we are there to rescue you in stressful times that could endanger your health and be with you all the way, providing any medical assistance that you urgently require.